Advanced CPU and memory profiling utility for those Java developers

Simply turn any folder to a Tresor and put data into it and they’re going to automatically sync with every devices coupled to the same account. Encryption is conducted prior to the data gets uploaded towards the cloud. Decryption is merely possible with permission in the owner and already encrypted contents can be shared without re-encryption, but also in one hundred percent secure way.

Little Darkr is a simple yet powerful app to control the ‘dark-mode’ of the mac (sitting in your menubar). With Little Darkr’s companion animal (default: ‘owl’), it is simple to switch between light/dark (owls eyes or hotkey), set your wish for personal recurring switch-times (or allow it to go do it automatically in line with the sun / moon-position). An additional slider enables you to decrease all macOS-animations to an absolute minimum – and gain more concentration at your daily work (less distracting eye-candy). Another slider lets you significantly strengten the boot- along with the sleep-security settings of your respective mac.More…

When evaluating the condition of various drives, DriveDx may use different (specialized) heuristic algorithms, depending on the drive model and also its firmware version. One of the key a look at the software programs are that the state of HDD and SSD drives is assessed using different algorithms (DriveDx has separate sets of rules and algorithms for HDD and SSD drives), since several state indicators of HDD drives aren’t applicable or make no sense when it comes to an SSD drive.

Main features: Red Eye Reduction, Brightness, Contrast, Sepia, Exposure, Levels, Gain & Bias, Color Filter, NTSCColorFilter, Hue, Saturation, Lightness, Desaturate, Gamma, Blend (22 modes), Rotate, Diffuse, Interlace, Flip Horizontal, Flip Vertical, GrayScale, Invert , Sharpen, Smooth, Blur, MotionBlur, Gaussian Blur, Edge Detect, RankOrderFilter, Emboss, Pixelate, Mean Removal, Invert,Contrast Stretch, Equalize, Replace Color, Custom 3×3 matrix filter, Oil Paint, high quality Crystalize, Bilinear Scaling, Stretch, Polar Coordinates, Shape Distort, Barrel Distort, Twirl, Wave, Water Drops, Surface Wave, PageCurl, TrimPicture, Create Chroma masks, Render Clouds, Render Wood, Render Marble, Render Textile, Render Labyrinth, Map, ChannelMixer, ImageComparer plus a IProgressHandler Interface support for every filter.

Additionally, the PSP has great personal multimedia features too… it could play back music and allows for video and photo viewing on its amazing screen. Sony offers optional software for managing and transferring photos, videos and music for the PSP… if you’re a Windows user. If you are a Mac user, you most likely already manage your music with iTunes, organize your photos with iPhoto and still have made anMore…

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